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Power-Tarot for Android you can get at Google Play! Download:    Power-Tarot     
The software is free!

Our Tarot Software contains several spreads of the Waite-Rider Tarot. You can load some other tarot decks as well.
The Cross spread is particularly suitable for less complicated questions.
The relationship game is meant particularly for the interpretation of the relationship between two people and is one of the most interesting components of our tarot software.
One can use The deciding match in our Tarot Software as a little help in case of doubt.
The  Gypsy Oracle spread in our tarot software has a marked playful character.
The Celtic cross is a well-known Tarot spread. It is especially applicable for very complex questions
In all spreads, except for the Cross spread, the Quintessence card is being determined. This card should give you an indication of how to deal with the matter of a particular question.